Resurrecting the Benefits Geek | ACA | 2020 Platforms

February 27, 2019
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I had essentially abandoned this blog for the past five years, unfortunately. Life simply got in the way, but I find I want to restart my efforts here, particularly given all the action in the benefits and insurance world that has happened in the past few years.

Passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act (aka the ACA, aka Obamacare) has changed the landscape for health insurance throughout the US.  And it’s clear already – a year before the first presidential primary – that our policies around health insurance and healthcare will play a major role in the upcoming 2020 election cycle.  The platforms of most of the announced presidential candidates include the topic in some way.

So what do I plan to cover in the coming weeks?  Here’s the big topics:

  • Analyses of the platforms of the 2020 presidential candidates with respect to healthcare and health insurance.  The Democratic candidates, in particular, are all making these important parts of their platforms, and I think it’s important to understand how they compare.  I will, of course, also review the policies of the current Trump administration and platforms of any announced Republican and Independent candidates.
  • Current status of health insurance in the context of the ACA.  This can vary by state.
  • How the ACA might have changed the calculus in terms of COBRA and whether it still makes sense to take COBRA vs. getting insurance through the ACA.

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I will also be revisiting some of my earlier posts with regard to FSAs, HSAs, disability insurance, and FMLA to discuss any notable updates.  I’m sure I’ll also be touching on retirement plans including 401(k), 403(b), and 457 types.

My first task will be to add what had been my annual update of the new IRS limits for retirement, flexible spending, and health savings accounts.  There’s definitely been some changes in the intervening years since my last post.

Good to be back!